Spicy Miso Ramen

I am a fan of Ken Ken Ramen. They are obviously not the best ramen shop in the bay area, but definitely the most clean tasting one. You can actually taste the fresh vegetables in the broth. Their spicy miso is rich but not oily. Just the way I like it.

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  • + spicy miso
  • - the wait

Pundit-Matic™ 3000

Tired of all these Apple pundits with their “opinions”? Now you can get more of it!

Triangle vs Square

Seriously, PayPal? Out of all the shapes for a card reader, you picked triangle.

Kalua Pork Sandwich

It’s a little out there in a hidden ally, but it’s worth the trip. Not exactly the same as their famous pork belly sandwich, but it’s got this nice kick from jalapeño.

  • + presentation
  • + jalapeño
  • - location

Curator’s Code

Attribution is obviously important and a good thing to do. Create unnecessary standards and artificial symbols, not so much. I will have to side with Marco’s opinion here.

The Responsinator

Enter a URL and see it loads in various device browser sizes. Super useful.

Bread Pudding

Probably the best looking bread pudding I’ve seen. Not a bad way to end a meal. Oh, and you can get it free with every third foursquare check-in.

  • + presentation
  • + taste

Adobe Shadow

Load a website in your desktop browser; Adobe Shadow loads the same website on all your phones and pads. Simple. Great.

Everyone is Using QR Code

Just look at all these pictures of people scanning QR codes.


Ok, these tacos are nowhere near authentic, but that’s probably not the reason you came here.

Tacolicious is a vibrant environment with clean tacos that even people who never had Mexican food can handle.

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  • + Atmosphere
  • - Parking